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Valentine’s Day + nightshift delirium = happiness for all

Here’s a lovely little tale to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day. My forever bubbly and energetic friend Emily and her midwifery offsiders found themselves with some time to kill as they worked the late shift in a Queensland hospital maternity ward last night. Aware that some of the hospitalised mums were doing it tough, and that some of their colleagues were feeling the pressure, they put their kind, creative souls to work and made small tokens of love and cheer to hand around and brighten the place up. It sounds like they had pretty good fun along the way, too.

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How to: host an eco party

Me and my beautiful sisters

Me and my beautiful sisters

In December I turned the big 3-0! I’d also made a lot of what some people might define as “radical” changes in my life. I decided to practice what I preach by hosting an eco party in my boyfriend’s backyard.

Koren and I searched many websites for ideas on how to throw an eco party. There are some good ideas out there but most of them are for kids. So here’s some of the things we did at my party. Hopefully this will help out all those other conscientious party goers. Continue Reading →