How to: host an eco party

Me and my beautiful sisters

Me and my beautiful sisters

In December I turned the big 3-0! I’d also made a lot of what some people might define as “radical” changes in my life. I decided to practice what I preach by hosting an eco party in my boyfriend’s backyard.

Koren and I searched many websites for ideas on how to throw an eco party. There are some good ideas out there but most of them are for kids. So here’s some of the things we did at my party. Hopefully this will help out all those other conscientious party goers. Continue Reading →

New day, new year, new blog

I am not a nugget


See that cute little chicken over there? He’s not food! But what else can you eat? Plenty, actually. We’re sisters living in Brisbane who refuse to eat things with faces – Koren is vegetarian and Alana has recently become a vegan.

It’s a lifestyle that’s growing in popularity and often reaches far beyond just food choices. But going sans meat – sans cruelty, really – still presents the odd challenge or unpredictable but amusing result (stand by for the story of the deodorant that made Alana smell like Clag glue). Continue Reading →