Pumpkin soup camperVan Diemen’s style

Pumpkin Soup

Greetings from Van Diemen’s Land! Ash and I have headed South this summer to experience the wild places of Tasmania from the comfort of a Britz campervan. The crisp air, small campervan kitchen and a toothache (on my behalf) called for something comforting yet simple to cook and slurp on our first night away. Pumpkin soup it was. Unfortunately my best efforts to shop while having drunk a little too much vino on the first day resulted in failure to purchase ye ol’ vege stock. Never mind – time for Ash and me to get inventive in the kitchen. Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day + nightshift delirium = happiness for all

Here’s a lovely little tale to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day. My forever bubbly and energetic friend Emily and her midwifery offsiders found themselves with some time to kill as they worked the late shift in a Queensland hospital maternity ward last night. Aware that some of the hospitalised mums were doing it tough, and that some of their colleagues were feeling the pressure, they put their kind, creative souls to work and made small tokens of love and cheer to hand around and brighten the place up. It sounds like they had pretty good fun along the way, too.

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You gotta fight for your right … for a party

So there’s an election coming up in Queensland and you don’t give a shit, right?

There will be weeks of political wankery, all the bluff and bluster of a long campaign in which leaders more concerned about their own interests and self-preservation make thinly-veiled grabs for our vote by audaciously promising things they probably can’t or won’t deliver. There will be endless sledging of opponents, smear campaigns, attack adverts and those horrible corflute signs emblazoned with oily candidate photos littering every corner of our cities. You’re tired of all that. So am I.

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Valentine’s Day: are you giving the gift of slavery?

So Valentine’s Day is approaching and just maybe you’re thinking of getting your special someone a special something. Chocolate, perhaps? Sorry to spoil the warm fuzziness but I’m about to hit you with an awkward truth …

Loads of the chocolate we buy is produced by exploited young children in West Africa, who are basically slaves to our sweet tooth.

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Challenge: What’s in the box?

Beauty Products

As Australians we like to voice our opinions when we think something is wrong. We get angry when we hear about live cattle that we exported to other countries being treated inhumanely. We get angry when rainforests get knocked down for palm plantations. We get angry about global warming and failure by the government and big business to act. And when we get angry we sign petitions, post stuff on our Facebook walls and send emails. A while ago one of my lecturers made a really good point. He said that as a society we get angry but as a consumer, as an individual, we are less willing to make changes in our lives that support out societal views. Just recently a colleague said to me “it’s big business and government that drive the world – not individuals”. Continue Reading →