{Podcast 020} Dr Ezzie Spencer on how to create your best life – by tuning into the moon

Lunar abundance teacher Ezzie Spencer

Chances are, you’ve noticed the moon at some point in your life. Maybe the deep inky black of a moonless night sky. Or the large luminous orb of a full moon rising. Maybe you’ve even joked about feeling a little full moon crazy.

Back when Dr Ezzie Spencer was studying history and law, and then when she did her PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence, she noticed the moon, too.

And, while working crazy 70-hour weeks as a lawyer or while studying like a woman on a mission, she’d scribble in her journal. About how she was feeling and about what was happening in her life. And often these musings were accompanied by a little drawing of what the moon looked like that night.

Over time, Ezzie became deeply familiar with the moon’s cycles – not just the full moon but the other seven stages in between, too.

And she noticed that when she moved in rhythm with these cycles, things in her life seemed to flow with much more ease. Friends noticed the change and started asking to learn this stuff. Then strangers did, too.

These days, Ezzie’s Lunar Abundance practice is gaining international recognition. Through her online Salon program and via regular speaking events, Ezzie teaches women worldwide how to cultivate inner peace and prosperity by following the moon’s cycle.

In this podcast, Ezzie reveals just how she did it, how she left behind her law career and turned her personal practice into a thriving business. And what I love best, is that there was no dramatic leap, no overnight success, no pushing, no pressure, no race to six-figure incomes. In fact, Ezzie – who says she’s a risk-adverse introvert – actively avoided all that. Instead, she found this beautifully feminine way to deal with crippling fear that bubbled up almost daily and threatened to hold her back.

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It’s our fourth birthday! Win a pack of handmade and natural goodies to celebrate! {ENDED}

Fourth birthday giveaway

Happy freaking New Year, lovely.

January 1 is always a mighty special day for us. A new year dawns bright and shiny with the promise of new adventures ahead.

And we celebrate the birthday of She Makes Magic, and all the challenges, growth and connection she has brought into our lives.

It was on a sweaty, humid New Years Day back in 2012 that we hit publish on our very first blog post. Honestly, we didn’t really even know what a blog was back then or what we were doing. But we felt called to do it anyway. Four years on, we’re still here. And so are you.

Thank you.


The past year has been one of our wildest rides yet – and it feels like we’ve achieved so much…

+ We spent the month of March travelling around the little Australian island of Tasmania together in Walter the Campervan, where we hatched the idea for a new podcast series.

+ In May, we finally unveiled our shiny new podcast series to the world, and were thrilled to bits when it instantly went to the top of iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section.

+ We interviewed each other for the podcast series, delving deep into our own stories of transformation and growth for the very first time. (Koren’s is here, Alana’s here.)

+ We watched as our little tribe quadrupled in size. Wow! A big warm welcome to all you lovely new folk.

+ We were featured in three (three!) magazines: Raspberry Magazine’s issue seven, Peppermint Magazine’s summer issue 28, and The Goddess Sisterhood’s second edition.

+ Alana took off on a solo soul journey, circumnavigating Australia in Walter the Campervan, all alone. After 10 months, 30,000kms, $6000 in fuel, 7 states, 1 territory, two breakdowns, a million tears and twice as many belly laughs, she finally made it home. (See incredible photos from the trip at #avannamedwalter.)

+ Koren chalked up her third year living abroad in sunny Spain, supported entirely by her freelance writing. Her work appeared in a bunch of rad publications, like frankie, Peppermint, Smith Journal, SBS Food, and The Guardian Australia – and she started helping other bloggers, too. She gallivanted to places like Finland, Estonia, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Italy. And, just maybe, her Spanish improved a little.

And, in December, we both came home to South Australia for a few brief weeks together before heading off on new adventures interstate and abroad.

Alana and Koren

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{Podcast 019} Che Johnson: a travelling gypsy’s musings on abundance, solo adventuring and learning to trust

Che Johnson She Makes Magic Podcast

Have you ever dreamed of packing a few things into a suitcase, saying adios to your current life and jet setting off to faraway places? No time frame. No definite plans. No responsibilities.

Meet my beautiful and brave friend Che Johnson, who has done just that.

Inspired by the empowering and soulful words of Susana Frioni, this year Che decided to leave behind her job, her friends, her family and her incredible life in Brisbane, trading it all in for the life of a wandering gypsy.

Che’s solo soul journey — as she has thoughtfully titled it — is much more than external adventuring and sight-seeing. For Che, this journey is about doing the inner work. At the top of her priority list you’ll find things like: strengthening my spiritual practice and my relationship with myself, freedom, fun and clarity.

Though Che and I have only met twice, we have become solid pen friends, mutually bonding over our own solo soul journeys. This year, via email, as we adventured externally (and internally), we have shared with each other our highs and lows, our deepest thoughts, our worries and our big breakthrough realisations — the stuff that only comes when you’re really pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Now, in this interview, I’ve asked Che to share some of her insights and realisations with you, too.

If you’ve ever dreamed of going adventuring but fear or financial worries have held you back, if you’ve ever wanted to create your own version of Eat Pray Love, if you’ve ever felt the nudge that it’s time to shake your life up a bit, then this episode is for you.

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{Podcast 18} Jenna Ward: from major control freak to an unscripted life

Kinesiologist and embodiment coach Jenna Ward

Over the past five years, Jenna Ward has made a dramatic transformation from uninspired hospital pharmacist to freedom-loving kinesiologist and embodiment coach.

And she’s done it all using one simple strategy: following her curiosity.

In this chat, Jenna delves deep into how she made the change, revealing how she dealt with doubt and judgement from close friends and family, while letting old relationships die in a healthy way. Plus, she offers wisdom on financial fear, career confusion, emotional turmoil and building self-trust. Continue Reading →

Naturally scented healing homemade face and body butter

Naturally scented healing homemade face and body butter.

A few weeks ago an email lobbed into my inbox. An email from a Spanish girl now living in Australia. Turns out, we’d swapped sides of the world at almost the same time, back in 2013.

Naturally, I had to find out more.

I was instantly captivated by Sonia Orts‘s work. She’s an organic skincare specialist, an alchemist drawing from ancient women’s wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

Says Sonia: “I grew up in a family devoted to natural living. My great granny and her sisters made their own soaps, scrubs, creams and beauty oils. My grandmother was a herbal tea lover and her medicines were based on herb infusions and balms. My mum is a passionate gardener and raised me on a diet centred on fruits and veggies. So I belong to a long lineage of women who had ancient knowledge of alchemic beauty and health and who gifted me this wisdom, one generation at a time, over many years.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Though she’s crazy busy preparing for her upcoming wedding, Sonia kindly put her knowledge to work and came up with a richly scented healing homemade face and body butter, just for us.

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