{Podcast 034} Thank you

Koren and Alana

Today, an announcement: after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we have decided to close She Makes Magic.

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{Podcast 033} Katie Dean: finding the humour in the shadows

Katie Dean She Makes Magic

Katie Dean, Mindset and motivation mechanic, first dropped into my life just over a year ago when she invited me to be a guest on her website YOUR WILD LIFE.

I was instantly attracted to Katie’s quirky sense of humour, her down-to-earth nature and her pure heart of gold.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Katie has this unique capacity to go deep and honest in conversation while keeping things light-hearted and simple. You’ll hear her talk about her journey with anxiety, what this has meant for her family life and for her business, why she ultimately decided to take anxiety medication, and how she’s learnt to find the humour as she’s navigated this path.
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{Podcast 032} Vienda Maria: freedom is a feeling

Vienda Maria She Makes Magic
Vienda Maria’s first memory of the desire for freedom came at the age of six when her step-father cut off her beautiful long hair. From that day forward, she dreamed of living life on her own terms.

And, just like the manifesting goddess that she is, that’s exactly the life she has created.

Vienda has spent the majority of her life travelling the world and choosing a path that best honours the desires of her soul. You’ll hear her explain that, more often than not, this has required her to go against the status quo. But, in turn, has taught her how to deeply trust in her own inner guidance.

Here’s a woman who walks her talk and is a shining example of how magical life can be when we stop looking for the answers outside ourselves and start listening to the wise voice within.
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{Podcast 031} Caroline Sanchez: saying goodbye to the good girl archetype

Caroline Sanchez She Makes Magic

Caroline Sanchez, an oncology nurse, hoop dancer and women’s movement guide, began her soul work at the age of 21 when her mother Grace passed away from breast cancer.

Following the subtle thread of her soul’s guidance, she became an oncology nurse, discovered hoop dancing in a city park, married the alternative art of hoop dancing with the Western medicine world through her Masters thesis, and became a Women’s Empowerment Movement Mentor.

Having worked as an oncology nurse for over 12 years, supporting women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, Caroline has a very unique and potent way of looking at the world. Be inspired by her joy for life and her message of letting go of the good girl archetype and learning to resource from the fierce unapologetic love for our gifts and passions. Even when this might look wild, crazy, ugly or inappropriate to others.
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{Podcast 030} Laura Anne Page: navigating the unknown and mysterious underworld of the soul

Laura Anne Page She Makes Magic

If you’re here reading this, it’s likely that you have, at some point in your life, felt the nudge of your soul calling you to explore deeper and ask the bigger questions.

This soul inquiry process often starts out gentle – like a small quiet whisper – but eventually it gets louder and more urgent.

What this can often lead to is a stripping away, crumbling or destruction of all that no longer serves us. Often we drop into a period of unknown mystery. A time when we are no longer the person we once were but who we are to become is yet to make itself known to us.

I like to think of these periods as stripping for the soul. A process of removing all the layers we have outgrown. These times can be wild, erotic and empowering or they can feel awkward, uncomfortable and very vulnerable.

This interview catches Laura Anne Page three years into a period of stripping for the soul or, what she refers to as, journeying into the soul underworld.

Intrinsically tied to Laura’s story is her former name Shakti Sunfire. A name which she used for over 10 years to promote her gifts as a hoop dancer, yoga instructor, movement educator, and mentor for women, amongst many other things.

This is the first time Laura has spoken publicly about the journey of returning to her birth name and what this has meant for her business, her intimate relationships and for her soul.

If you’re in a period of mystery, if you’re feeling called to strip away all the identities and labels you’ve placed on yourself, if you’re feeling lost and confused about where to head to next, this is the interview for you.
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