About She Makes Magic

This is a space for deep divers. A space where wild-hearted women gather as equals.

We share our stories with searing honesty – the inevitable light and dark, the moments of mystery and clarity, owning both our power and vulnerability – and, as we do so, open ourselves to deep, healing wisdom.

Welcome to She Makes Magic.

A podcast series and online community founded by Australian sisters Alana and Koren Helbig.

** Please note: In July 2016, after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we decided to close She Makes Magic. This site is no longer updated but remains for now as an archive of resources, interviews and other assorted awesomeness. Thank you for following us. **



Awakening. Transitioning. Growing. Realigning. Up-levelling. Healing. Expanding. Whatever you want to call it, when you’re in the midst of it, it can feel bloody uncomfortable and incredibly lonely. Often this journey involves moving away from societal expectations, challenging your own capabilities and perception of what’s possible, deep diving into the murky depths of who you really are and realigning back to your truth. You don’t have to do this alone. She Makes Magic brings us together, connecting wild-hearted women as we gently transform into the best versions of ourselves, with honesty, integrity and authenticity.



She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series is a collection of raw and gritty interviews sharing the real life stories of women who have left behind lives that don’t quite fit right to bravely follow their wild hearts. We dive deep into both the light and dark moments, breaking down the perfection stigma to show that it’s not always smooth sailing – there are many facets of this journey and it’s normal to have fears, struggles and blocks. We learn that we are not alone but rather we are all the same, going through the same stuff and experiencing the same emotions.

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She Makes Magic was founded by Australian sisters Koren and Alana Helbig. We created this space during our own periods of deep transformation, during which we left behind our day jobs to follow our wild hearts. Koren’s heart took her halfway across the world to Spain and Alana’s on a 30,000km solo road trip around Australia in a campervan. Find out more about our story here.

In July 2016, after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we decided to close She Makes Magic. To explain this decision, and to celebrate the immense beauty of all She Makes Magic is and was, we recorded a special podcast here.

You can now find Alana here and Koren here.

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