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Koren and Alana Helbig She Makes Magic

** Please note: In July 2016, after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we decided to close She Makes Magic. This site is no longer updated but remains for now as an archive of resources, interviews and other assorted awesomeness. Thank you for following us. **


We’re so freaking stoked you’re here. We’re Koren and Alana Helbig, the founders and custodians of She Makes Magic. We’re Australian and we’re real-life sisters!

This is our story…

Our journey started with a blog: Born on January 1, 2012, our blog looked a lot different back then. We named it No Food With a Face, a place to share the knowledge we were accumulating as we pursued a meat-free diet. As time went on we realised that our compassionate beliefs extended far beyond our culinary choices and into many other areas of our life. Our blog morphed into The Little Green House, giving us room to write more broadly about our simple and kind lifestyle.

Working hard for the money: As our online space began to grow and evolve, we continued working in our day jobs. Both of us in humdrum, soul-numbing careers, where our compassionate beliefs exposed us to ridicule, laughter and name calling (tree-hugging hippy and bleeding heart are two of our personal favourites). We won’t lie, there were many moments of self-doubt. But that’s okay, because amid all this noise was a silver lining. We got crystal clear on what we didn’t want and absolutely certain on what we had to have.

Politics, business, science, oh my! Between the two of us – Koren, originally a political journalist, and Alana, a business consultant and trained ecologist – we racked up more than 20 years’ combined experience in the bigwig corporate world. We learned a thing or two about government, big business and science. What we discovered is this: the answer to our world’s problems isn’t often found in these modalities. It’s time to look elsewhere.

Flipping the bird at status quo: In 2013, Koren bravely chased her dream. She quit her job, moved to Spain, and started her freelance writing business. She found her home in the small seaside town of Alicante and now spends her days travelling and writing for publications that were dream gigs only a few years ago. Learn more of Koren’s story here. In 2014, Alana took the plunge and resigned from her job, too. She bought a campervan named Walter and set off on a nine-month adventure of soul discovery around Australia. Learn more of Alana’s story here.

The Little Green House evolves into She Makes Magic: Even though our hearts have taken us to opposite sides of the planet, it’s this online space – our haven of creativity, positivity and self-discovery – that has kept us closer than ever. Our own journey has shown us that it can be tough out there for wild-hearted women. It’s for this exact reason that, in 2014, we felt called to create She Makes Magic – a space where wild-hearted living is celebrated, as it ought to be.

She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series is born: During our blogging journey we have had the privilege of meeting and watching a surge of incredible women step forward, own their truths and create magnificent and abundant heart-centred lives as a result. It is these stories that inspire us, unite us and expand our perception of what is possible. We wanted to showcase these women in all their raw vulnerability, at whatever stage of their journey they may be. In February 2015, from the back of Walter the campervan, we hatched the idea for an interview series and then later that year, The Podcast Series was born. It’s the interview series we wish we had when we first embarked on our own journeys.

Closure and new beginnings. In July 2016, after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we decided to close She Makes Magic. To explain this decision, and to celebrate the immense beauty of all She Makes Magic is and was, we recorded a special podcast here.

You can now find Alana here and Koren here.

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