8 Christmas gift ideas for your soul sista

Gifts for your soul sisters

Are you still hunting for that perfect gift for her? That special something that says: “I love you. Thank you for being my rock this year.

Your soul sister deserves a soulful gift. You’re looking for something that will make your heart swell to give and her spirit sing to receive.


We’ve put together this gift guide for you, lovely.

There’s some really beautiful creations floating around at the moment, crafted by very talented women. Most of these┬ápressies have been selected because we personally know these women, know their work and feel off-the-charts passionate about helping them share their gifts with the world.

We reckon you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something in here that your bestie (or your Mum, sister, grandma, or aunty) won’t love.

Here’s the low-down:

1. Crystal Talisman from Coloured In Life

I was lucky enough to be gifted one of Lisa’s handmade talismans just recently. I could feel the love she put into this beauty from the moment opened the wrapping. Lisa has released a set of chakra talismans, just in time for Christmas! Each talisman contains crystals to lift and clear the energy of a specific chakra.

2. Connected & Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle cards from Inner Hue

The artwork on these oracle cards are enough to make me squeal with delight. Lauren has poured her heart and soul into designing this deck. This lady lives and breathes the world of mystical intuition and we know these cards will emanate this very same energy. I can’t wait to receive my pack! Check out Lauren’s instant intuition page for previews of all the cards.

3. Sexy Sobriety with Bex Weller

Our talented friend Bex has created this online membership program for anyone wanting to take a break from the booze. Packed full of inspiring interviews with sober mega-babes, delicious elixirs and raw desserts, and loads of tips and activities for getting your groove back (sans alcohol). We reckon this would be a pretty awesome program to do with your buddy.

4. Spirited from Rachel Macdonald and Tara Bliss *

Full of inspiring words, rocking worksheets and personal stories from life coach extraordinaires, Rachel Macdonald and Tara Bliss. This powerhouse of an eBook has everything needed to kick start dreams, bust through fears, and tap into the messages of the soul. We also have it on good authority that the 2015 Spirited Companion will officially be released tomorrow. Woot!

5. Chakra necklace from Violet Gray Designs

I gifted Koren one of these necklaces for her birthday this year. It quickly became one of her favourite items to wear. There’s a charm for every chakra and they each come in silver, gold and rose gold. We’re sure there’s something in this collection that your bestie will love.

6. Vanillary Solid Perfume from Lush Cosmetics

Seriously, this stuff is the BOMB – a sweet, sweet vanillary bomb. It’s our most-favourite scent on the planet, never failing to draw a compliment. Once a guy walked up to me in a bar and told me I smelled like rainbow sherbet (tehehe)! It’s vegan and cruelty-free and chemical-free – all the things we have come to expect from Lush Cosmetics. Oh and did we mention it smells AH-MAZE-ING?

7. Substance with Meg O’Sullivan

A Brisbane-based workshop for 20-something singles in search of deep connections, spirituality and (semi) sobriety, hosted by our gorgeous friend Meg. Tickets are only $50 which we think is an absolute steal. This girl radiates light and warmth and she is oh-so-wise. We know this is a workshop you and your bestie won’t want to miss. Where was this when we were in our 20s?

8. Heal Your Heart Medi from Open Heart Woman

All women feel stuff – deeply. And our hearts take a fair beating because of this. Set to beautiful earthy music, this soothing medi guides the listener to reconnect with the messages of her heart, releasing any pain and fear, coming out the other side lighter and free. This is a meditation that every woman needs in her meditation cocktail. It truly heals the heart.

We hope something here has jumped out at you as the perfect gift.

Merry Christmas, beautiful.Alana



*In order to be fully transparent, we want you to know that we are an affiliate for the Spirited eBook. This means we may receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase using this link. Please know we only ever recommend products and services that we have used ourselves and 100 per cent believe in. The cashola we generate from affiliate sales goes directly back into keeping She Makes Magic thriving. Your support and generosity means the world to us. Thank you lovely lady.


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