How to: cultivate cactus cuttings in three easy steps


My grand adventure in Spain continues and I’ve now left Barcelona and headed further south along the eastern coastline to Alicante. I feel more at home here, maybe because it’s a much smaller city and I’m really a country girl at heart. My apartment is just 10 minutes walk from the beach and I’ve landed a great bunch of friends, excellent housemates and a super kind Spanish teacher. It’s nice to feel like I’ve settled into a home of sorts, even if it’s only for  a few months.

Of course, I’m a little obsessed with nesting when I reach a new place and once again I wanted to do something to make my room-cum-home-office a bit more friendly and cosy. But this time I really didn’t want to spend a cent. So when I spied some established cactuses and some empty little pots on our terrace, I knew what I had to do.

Turns out cultivating cactuses or succulents from cuttings is ridiculously simple and almost impossible to get wrong. The best kind of project, right?Cuttings07

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Cut off a piece of the cactus or succulent using a sharp knife, leaving a 5cm to 10cm stem. Snapping off just a leaf works fine too.

Step 2: Lay the cuttings out in a dry area out of direct sunlight for two to three days to allow the cut to develop a callous. This prevents it from rotting in the pot or developing nasty fungal diseases.

Step 3: Fill a small pot with thoroughly moistened potting soil then pop the cuttings in. Be sure to pay attention to how they will look and arrange them prettily. Mixing and matching varieties is nice.

Step 4*: Watch your cactuses grow and prosper and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of being a green thumb ninja.

*not a real step









I’m really happy with my three little pots of succulents. I especially love the way the sunlight plays across their leaves and leaves them glowing and almost gold in the morning. And all for the excellent price of free.




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