Free gift: The Magic Momentum of Kindness

You’re ready for change.

You crave a simpler life brimming with positivity and happiness.

You dream of a warm-hearted world where kindness wins over cruelty, environment wins over economy and all beings are treated equally.

At times the dream feels so close you can almost reach out and touch it. But then the negativity creeps back in.

Can I really make a difference? Where would I start? Who would support me?

You feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Disconnected. Even a little bit scared. And just tired.

We get that. We’ve been there.

We found ourselves at that same crossroads, dreaming of soul-charged change but terrified to take the leap of faith. We felt dead-locked. Unsure where to begin. Stuck.

Then we made one tiny, faltering step towards change. And another small step. Then another. And, somehow, they all added up to something big and long-lasting. Something that made our hearts sing.

We’re here to show you that living the kind-hearted life of your dreams is possible.

It’s actually as easy as a series of small and simple steps.

We walk you through these very steps in this eBook – a resource we wish we had in our first daunting days of change.

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The Magic Momentum of Kindness is an e-book that calms the soul. It harnesses the creative healing energy of the feminine that is bringing balance to the planet. Inside the magical pages you become immersed in a world you know in your heart is possible, where we shine our own light and elevate each other to live sustainably and in harmony. This is every woman’s guide to vibrating higher and making positive change in the world. Not only does this book and its wisdom make the world a more positive place to navigate but it lays the foundations for true inner contentment. Because what feels better than radiating your best light? Kindness has a magical power and I am a believer.

~ Nicole Mathieson

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Infused with kind-hearted goodness

Inside, we lovingly guide you through:

arrow-rightOvercoming overwhelm to take your first small steps to big change, using 10 simple strategies.
arrow-rightHow to beam beautiful big rays of kindness out into the world by tapping into your own inner well.
arrow-rightBouncing back from self-doubt and naysayers to step bravely into your own truth.

The Magic Momentum of Kindness eBook

The beautifully designed pages are soaked with:

arrow-rightPositive thoughts (our tool of choice) and kindness (the key ingredient).
arrow-rightPractical tips served with a side of soulful living (because in our experience, the real magic happens when soulful living collides with grounded practicality).
arrow-rightKind-hearted words, worksheets and activities to get you started on your journey.
arrow-rightMagical quotes to inspire and uplift.

And just so you know, we have personally tried and tested each idea, walking the steps and sharing the journey right here on this blog.

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“The Magic Momentum of Kindness’ is the epitome of everything we have come to expect from the gorgeous ‘She Makes Magic’ creatures, Alana and Koren.  Stunning in design, and overflowing with love, kindness, creativity and soul.  A magical, beginners guide to harnessing the beautiful power of positivity.”

~ Bex Weller, Vegan Sparkles

“What I love most about this beautiful ebook is its tone- one of empowerment and inspiration rather than preaching about changes you must make.  I loved the ‘daily rituals to light up your life’ and all the suggestions for being kinder towards myself, others, the planet and my body.”

~ Deb Dane, Inner Compass Designs

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Psst… there’s also a FREE meditation.

Did we mention we’ve  included a gentle and relaxing guided meditation created by our amazing Mum? This short, seven minute medi is a welcome escape from the fast pace of life. Perfect if you’re a meditation newbie.

“When I was first trying to get into a daily meditation habit I was lucky to be given Cynthia’s meditation. There was just something about her voice, the pace and truth of her words, plus the length of the meditation that really suited me. I listened to her religiously so I can definitely say Cynthia helped me kick start a positive habit!”

~Kris Flint, 2 Sporks 1 Cup

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Love Alana and Koren
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