5 reasons why journaling will rock your world (plus 35 journal prompts to get you started)

5 reasons why journaling will rock your world

I’ve loved journaling since I was a little girl. From the moment Mum handed me my very first diary, complete with it’s own lock and key, I was hooked. For years I’ve scribbled away, filling countless pages with the inner murmurings of my mind and heart.

In recent times I’ve come to appreciate just how important this daily ritual is for me.

But I know all too well that journaling doesn’t always come easily.

There have been many times when I’ve found myself staring down at a blank page asking: “Where the heck do I even start?” Or worse still: “What’s the point?”

Which is precisely why I’ve written this post. If you’ve got a case of writer’s block or you’re on the fence with this whole journaling shebang, I’m hoping my words might inspire you to pick up a pen and pull out that blank notebook you’ve got laying around.

Where to start?

Carve out some time each day for you and your journal. Then, put pen to paper, beauty, and write!

Just like exercise or meditation, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Gradually, over time, your journaling practice will strengthen and deepen.

Soon you’ll start to see little pockets of clarity among the haze of confusion. Synchronicities – those little nudges from the universe that you’re on the right track – will become regular occurrences. And you’ll feel connected. Connected to the real you.

Still not sold on the idea?

Here’s a few more reasons why journaling will rock your world.

#1: Know you to love you

Journaling strengthens a connection to the deepest part of you. Do it regularly and you will begin to foster a relationship with yourself, free of self-judgement and doubt.

You will peel back layers, uncovering the real you and understanding the intricate complexities of your own mind and being.

Hear me when I say: when you know you, in all your contradicting beauty, you will love you.

Trust me on this one.

#2: Get help with unresolved problems and answers to lingering questions

I love to pose a question in my journal and watch carefully for the myriad responses from the Universe. I always know how much attention something needs based on the quantity and clarity of the answers I am given.

If you need help, all you need do is ask for it.

Write your question or problem at the top of a page in your journal. Acknowledge that by writing down the question, you’ve handed the problem over to the Universe and you no longer need to think about it.

Over the coming days and weeks, notice the answers as they flow in – they will, promise! Record them underneath your original question.

I often like to make a to-do list around a particular problem or issue. Draw a line down the middle of the page. On one side, list all the things you need to do to resolve the issue. On the other side, list all the things the Universe is responsible for. It’s liberating when you realise most of the stuff you’re worried about is not even on your to-do list! (Thanks to Susana Frioni for this tip.)

5 reasons why journaling will rock your world

#3. Find your truth

Expectations from the outside world can often drown out truth.

Journaling is your opportunity to rediscover your voice and find your truth, free of other people’s opinions and judgements and the pressures of society.

Drop down into the sanctuary of your heart. Free yourself from your mind. This is where your truth resides.

The beautiful thing about your truth is that it’s there for you to access at any time and the more often you connect with it, the easier it becomes to go out into the world and live from a place of truth – something our world desperately needs more of right now.

#4. Shine a light on recurring cycles and themes

Cycles that continually show up in our lives are not just a coincidence. Often there is a lesson to be learned or some growth to be had.

But how do we know something is a cycle if we’re not keeping track?

That’s where journaling comes in. Write consistently in your journal and over time the cycles in your life will become blatantly obvious.

Then, by bringing these cycles into your sphere of consciousness and getting present with them, you can begin to heal and work with them.

5 reasons why journaling will rock your world

#5. Creativity, compassion and wisdom

I’ve lost count of how many times the scribbles in my journal have led me to a creative win. Scrawling unfiltered onto the page seems to activate another part of my mind.

A part that is much wiser, calmer and a whole lot kinder.

Each of us has this inner sanctuary of calm and peace. Yes, even you! It’s below all that mind-chatter, self-doubt, judgement, confusion and fear. Trust me – it’s there.

Your inner sanctuary is an untapped well of wisdom, creative inspiration and compassion. You’ve just gotta sift through the shit to find it.

And that’s not hard to do. With practice, journaling will easily take you there.

So, shall we tap that? Your inner sanctuary, I mean.

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Here are 35 journal prompts to get you started.


+ My intention for today is…

+ Today I feel…

+ I feel this way because…

+ I have felt this way before when…

+ I want to feel…

+ I am grateful for…

+ Today I discovered…

+ Today I learned that I…

+ My favourite quote from today is…

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+ The parts of my life that feel stuck or heavy are…

+ The parts of my life that feel light and joyful are…

+ I need help with…

+ Who can help me?

+ What am I afraid of?

+ I am afraid because…

+ How does this fear feel in my body?

+ If I wasn’t afraid, I would…

+ If I wasn’t afraid, my life would look like…

+ What am I resisting?

+ I am resisting this because…

+ How does this resistance feel in my body?

+ If I wasn’t resisting, my life would look like…

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+ Dear Universe, please help me with…

+ I need your help because…

+ On one side of the page write down your to-do list and on the other side, write down the Universe’s to-do list.

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FOR DISCOVERING YOUR TRUTH (journal prompts courtesy of Nicole Mathieson)

+ My truth is…

+ My truth is not

+ My truth used to be…

+ I wish my truth was…

+ Where am I hiding from my truth?

+ Where am I resisting my truth?

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+ The cycles that keep showing up in my life are…

+ What triggers these cycles?

+ When these cycles are present, I feel…

+ Use this five step process to intuitively explore these cycles in more detail.

Happy journaling, beauty! And, if you have any questions about journaling pop ’em in the comments below.



7 Responses to 5 reasons why journaling will rock your world (plus 35 journal prompts to get you started)

  1. Deb @ inner compass designs April 23, 2015 at 9:31 am #

    Fantastic post Aka a. I will be sharing this in my newsletter and fb (and pinning for refence). I love especially the ideas around asking a question or for help and then recording things that happen, also looking into themes etc. so much goodness in the prompts too. Xxx thanks

    • Alana April 23, 2015 at 12:33 pm #

      Wow! Thank you for sharing this, Deb. You’re a gem! x

  2. Linda Shirley April 24, 2015 at 9:50 am #

    You’ve got my juices flowing again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Alana April 24, 2015 at 4:53 pm #

      Woo hoo!! I’m so glad! 🙂

  3. Sarah @ Tomfo April 27, 2015 at 10:38 am #

    Thanks for the inspiration, love it!
    I often think of my blog as my own journal, as I’m writing and creating what comes along in my everyday life, and hopefully, my little guy will be able to read it one day, long after I have gone.
    I love this idea, maybe it’s time to scrapbook a few of my bits and pieces on paper incase the online version stops one day though. Thank you. x

    • Alana April 27, 2015 at 3:31 pm #

      I feel that way about blogging too, Sarah! xx


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