5 reasons why journaling will rock your world (plus 35 journal prompts to get you started)

5 reasons why journaling will rock your world

I’ve loved journaling since I was a little girl. From the moment Mum handed me my very first diary, complete with it’s own lock and key, I was hooked. For years I’ve scribbled away, filling countless pages with the inner murmurings of my mind and heart.

In recent times I’ve come to appreciate just how important this daily ritual is for me.

But I know all too well that journaling doesn’t always come easily.

There have been many times when I’ve found myself staring down at a blank page asking: “Where the heck do I even start?” Or worse still: “What’s the point?” Continue Reading →


Creamy red lentil and coconut dahl

Vegan rentil and coconut milk dahl

I love a good dahl. The vaguely hilarious name. The simplicity. The rich spices that transport me back to the thronging energy of India’s muggy streets, and an epic six-week trip with my besties back in 2009.

I also really like creamy things, though I’ve never really liked cream made from cow’s milk. That stuff’s meant for calves, not us humans.

Combining two loves is a beautiful thing, I reckon.

And so I present my creamy yet vegan red lentil dahl, made with a generous glug of velvety coconut milk. Continue Reading →


How to cleanse your face with nothing more than oil (and a little apple cider vinegar)

The Oil Cleansing Method

I’ve been a sufferer of acne for seventeen years. In one quick swoop I went from teenage acne to cystic adult acne – no gaps in between.

Seeing other women with fresh, clear skin has always made me envious.

When I first read about oil cleansing, I screwed up my nose in disgust. Adding more oil to my face? You’ve got to be kidding!

It was probably sheer desperation that took me from that original gasp of horror to standing in the bathroom with a puddle of oil in each hand.

Four years on, I’m so glad I gave it a shot.

Sure, my skin still isn’t the dewy, glowing skin you see in magazines. But I have seen a marked improvement through oil cleansing.

The biggest and most immediate difference I noticed when I began oil cleansing was that my skin actually stopped being so oily. And this naturally resulted in less pimples.

I also often get told I look many years younger than I actually am (and that can never be a bad thing, can it?).

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Raw creamy pesto zucchini noodles

creamy pesto zucchini noodles

If you’re anything like me, the idea of eating raw zucchini is not something that gets the tastebuds dancing with delight.

Zucchini is for bakes and stir-fry and steamed vegetables. Well, that’s what I originally thought anyway.

Then I tried zucchini noodles (thanks, Bex!) and my perspective on zucchini shifted entirely.

The beautiful thing about raw zucchini is its neutral and absorptive nature. It happily soaks up the flavours of all those foods around it. Once I realised this, I knew I had to mix zucchini noodles with basil pesto (one of my all-time favourite foods). Continue Reading →